‘You’re a bit more mature’ after being escorted from Florida airport

“You’re not going to be the type of person that I would go and have sex with.”

It was the kind of advice that could get someone in trouble, or worse.

Andrea DeMarco was walking through the airport terminal when the airport security officer handed her a note.

“You need to leave, or you will be escorted out of the terminal,” he wrote.

DeMarco was not alone.

More than half a million people have been escorted from American airports since the beginning of October, according to figures released by the Federal Aviation Administration.

“It’s a scary thing to have to go through, especially when it’s not as serious as it sounds,” said Shannon J. Murphy, a spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union.

“This isn’t a joke.

It’s serious.

It could be your life.”

The United States has been cracking down on airport security in recent years, cracking down as the number of people arriving from Europe soared and as the Middle East was engulfed in war.

The trend is seen across the United States, as travelers are increasingly fearful of being detected and searched, or that they might not be allowed to board their flights.

On Friday, American Airlines said it was cancelling all its flights to and from Europe.

British Airways said on Friday that it was also pulling its entire business from Europe, including flights to Britain, Ireland, Greece and Italy.

Airline travel is a major source of revenue for American, but American said the numbers are a fraction of those of its European rivals.

American has been trying to change its image as a major international airline for years, and in the process, is making some in the business of security and law enforcement more wary.

“We’re looking at it very seriously,” American Airlines Chief Security Officer John G. Miller said in an interview.

Miller also said the agency is working with the National Association of Airport Security Advisors to improve security protocols and make the airport more inviting.

The airport has had a busy start to the new year.

The Federal Aviation Authority says that since January, the number and type of passengers coming into the country has risen, but the number coming out has stayed the same.


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