What to Know About The Brooklyn Escorts Superstar’s New Book: ‘It Was Like Being On The Street’

Brookelyn Escort Ashley Madison star and escort Lauren Wainstein has shared her memoir, ‘I Am a Brooke’, which is out next week.

The memoir tells the story of how she met the man she loves, and the struggles of finding a life outside the industry.

Ashley Madison, a dating site that allows users to meet people online, has been embroiled in a scandal that has claimed more than 40 million users.

AshleyMadison.com, where the site allows users and members to exchange private and sexual messages, is the subject of several lawsuits, including a $5 million lawsuit filed by former Ashley Madison user Sarah Stiles.

AshleyCare, a website for women who were sexually assaulted, has also been embroiled.

AshleyWainstein.com is Wainststein’s book, which was originally published in June.

“I am a Brookes life, but my life is very special, and it is a life I am grateful for, a life of true happiness,” she wrote in the book.

“The most important thing to me is my love for my family, friends and the beautiful people I have met through this site.

I love you so much and I am so grateful for your support.”

Wainsteins mother, Lisa, told ABC News the book is about her daughter, who has struggled with depression and addiction.

“She’s been through so much,” she said.

“What she’s written is so beautiful.”

The book’s release comes a week after the AshleyMadison, a social media dating website, was hacked.

The site was hacked, with the password “admin” and the login information of its users, which were not revealed publicly.

In addition, Ashley Madison’s users are required to disclose their passwords to the site.

A year ago, a hacker stole the passwords of more than 5 million users of the website.

Wainstaens book also chronicles her marriage to former US President Donald Trump.

Wains book also contains the title of a song, ‘My Life Is Here’.

It is one of many songs on the site, which has over 25 million subscribers.


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