Watch a full-length version of the Minneapolis escort advert on the BBC News app

NEW YORK, US – OCTOBER 07: Two men take turns taking the role of a woman who is the ‘escort’ of a car in this 2016 image from the Detroit Escort advert.

The advert is being aired by the Detroit escort agency.

In the advert, two men are taking turns to escort a woman, wearing only her underwear, from one hotel to another.

The ad is being screened at various airports in the US, Canada and Europe.

The men in the advert are called ‘escorts’ because they have the job of escorting a woman in an airport, rather than the other way around.

The ads feature the characters as they walk in and out of airports.

The character in the advertisement is not a prostitute but a woman working for a Detroit escort.

The advertisements have sparked controversy in the United States, where the law requires that people who offer sex in exchange for money be licensed as sex workers and cannot work with minors.

Some have questioned whether the advert is legal under US law.

A Michigan man and a woman are seen in the Detroit advert, posing as a woman escorting an escort at a car dealership.

A video of the advert shows the two men walking into a car and talking to the driver.

They start talking to him about his wife.

The man asks him about the car he’s looking at and the woman says she is looking for a new car.

She then asks if she could go to a car show and has to ask him about what he is going to do with the new car he bought.

The driver says that he doesn’t know and the two guys walk away.

The video shows the man and woman chatting in the car.

The woman then drives off and the car is then shown in the video.

A new ad for a Minnesota escort agency shows two men posing as men escorting women, with the men walking the woman around in a car.

In another scene, the men walk the woman down a street, saying, “If you want to get me, you have to pay.”

The ad was released on Wednesday by the Dallas-based Detroit Escorts Agency, which said the ad was filmed in Detroit and was “very similar to what we see in other cities across the United State.”

The agency says it is “looking forward to bringing the Detroit escorts advert to audiences in North America and beyond.”

The Detroit Escorting Agency said it had no comment on the New York Times article.

The Detroit advert was filmed last month in Chicago, but was not aired at the time of publication.

The Dallas advert, on the other hand, was shown in New York City in March.

“It is clear that the Detroit ads are based on the reality of real life in the USA and are clearly being used by the advertising industry,” said John S. Sutter, president of the Entertainment Software Association, in a statement.

“While it may not be illegal to be escorting someone in a restaurant, it is against the law to escort someone in an office setting.”

The Escort Radar website has posted a clip from the Minneapolis advert in which the two male men talk to a woman about the cars they are looking at.

The clip shows the male talking to a young woman as she sits in her car.

“Can you show me a good car, she asks.

He says, ‘Yeah, it’s a nice, big Ford Explorer.

I like it.’

The young woman then tells him, ‘Well, it looks like a nice car, so I’m going to drive it home.

You’re welcome to come home with me.” “

The young woman says, “Sure.

You’re welcome to come home with me.

“The young man replies, “Yeah, I’m not home yet.

“Yeah,” the man says. “

We’re all looking for that new car, we’re looking for something that looks really good,” the woman asks the man.

“Yeah,” the man says.

“Well, I’d love to see that,” the young woman responds.

“Sure,” the men says.

The car is shown in a shot from the Minnesota advert and shows the men in a parking lot with the car parked in the middle of the road.

The young women asks the men to walk over and touch the car, which they do.

“Hey, it feels so good to touch it,” the women says.

At the end of the clip, the two young men walk away with the young women in the vehicle.

A spokesman for Detroit Escors said the advert was shot by Detroit escort agency DLA Piper.

In a statement, DLA said that the advert “does not have any connection to any particular escort service or brothel in Minnesota.”

The spokesperson added that the company is “aware of the controversy around the Minnesota Escort ads, and is investigating the issue further.”

“We want to make clear that


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