Tuscaloosa escorts: It’s time for a big change

Tuscala, Ala.

— A Tennessee couple is suing a local escort agency, claiming the agency made a series of false and disparaging statements about their sexual orientation, saying the agency was not licensed to do business in the state and accused them of engaging in a “sexual conspiracy” to target their business.

Travis and Ashley Ouellette, from Tuscumbia, sued the escort agency in U.S. District Court in Tuscoughia, saying that in October, the couple received an anonymous email from a woman who claimed she was seeking an escort escort.

The woman told Travis and Ashley that she wanted to see the couple at a Tuscany restaurant, and they agreed to meet at that restaurant, according to court documents.

The escort agency allegedly told Travis Ouellett and Ashley in an email that the company would not rent to them until the couple had paid for their services, court documents said.

The email also accused Travis and Travis Ollitts of “sabotaging their business,” the documents said, adding that the escort company said it would refuse to provide services to the couple if they did not pay, court papers said.

According to court papers, the woman sent the email to Travis Oiellett, Ashley Oolllett and two others, one of whom was Ashley’s boyfriend.

In court documents, the escort service allegedly made several disparaging comments about the couple, saying they were “fucking losers” who were “sick and disgusting,” “a couple of losers” and “lazy losers,” court papers read.

The woman told her three other escorts that the couple should be “disgusted,” according to the documents, and said the couple “would have a better time” with “one of their friends.”

In a statement released by the Ouelletts on Tuesday, they wrote that they were stunned to learn that the woman had sent the threatening email to the three of them.

They said the escort’s email came after Travis and his wife went to their local bar and discovered that two men were standing behind them and trying to grab their backsides.

The women then said the men pushed their backs against the bar, and the escort said he then noticed that the men were attempting to grab Travis and the other women, according a statement.

Terrance Ouellets said he was “disappointed that anyone would want to harm us,” adding that he was a lifelong friend of the couple.

He said that the three women’s story was the most upsetting of the three and that they have never been approached about any of their escort services.

“We are a family,” Travis said in the statement.

“We have a daughter, and I want her to grow up in a safe, loving environment.

This was an invasion of privacy, and we are fighting to make sure that never happens again.”

According to the lawsuit, the agency told Travis that “the two escort employees had been suspended by their employer” for “having inappropriate interactions with the complainant,” and that the incident was being investigated.

The lawsuit did not say what disciplinary action the women were being disciplined for, but it was not clear if Travis was being punished for having consensual sex with the woman or if the woman was being disciplined because she had told the agency that Travis had engaged in a sexual conspiracy with the escort.

Tuscaloos attorney, Michael Grosch, told The Associated Press that the Oelletts were told by Travis that the “attempt to take [the couple’s] privacy and our relationship” was a “complete fabrication.”

“The Ouellettes have always been respectful, honest and trustworthy, and our entire family stands by them,” he said.TUSCOUBRA, Ala., (AP) — A husband and wife accused a Tuscus, Ala, escorts agency of making “lies, innuendo and false and malicious statements” about them in an online complaint that they filed in federal court.

The couple, Travis Oriellett and his girlfriend Ashley Olllett, filed the lawsuit Monday in U,S.

district court in Tucson.

They allege that the escorts violated their civil rights by “unlawfully and falsely accusing them of criminal conduct” and threatening to “put their family in danger” by “taking their safety and their money.”

In an interview with The Associated News, Travis said that he is the victim of an “unprovoked and politically motivated attack.”

The couple said that they had been a part of the escort business for over four years, and that “for many years” they had not received any negative publicity for their business, but that the alleged incident made them fearful for their safety.

The suit also said the agency had “sought to discredit the family by fabricating facts and deliberately misleading them with untrue statements.”

“Our business has never sought to hurt anyone, and


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