The most influential people in the world are in Texas

The most important people in Texas are not in Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles.

They are in the Austin area, where a booming, tech-savvy, and high-paying tech sector has attracted a raft of ambitious, young entrepreneurs and business leaders, many of them young women.

The most powerful people in this region are mostly women, according to a new report from Next Big Futures.

More than three-quarters of the people with significant financial assets in the region are women, with just under half of the region’s millionaires, according the report.

The report found that the most powerful men and women are located in Houston and Fort Worth.

This region has been home to a few of the most influential figures in the tech world, from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

But it also has some of the country’s most influential women.

Next BigFuture found that women make up the overwhelming majority of venture capital funding, with 84 percent of venture capitalists in the country coming from women.

More and more of them are investing in technology startups and other high-growth businesses.

Next Gen of Women is the next chapter in women in technology, says Jessica Bowers, the CEO of NextGen Venture Partners.

The next generation of leaders and businesswomen will be the first in history to take on a huge challenge of creating and executing sustainable business models that are driven by a culture of collaboration and collaboration.

The Next Gen women in tech report identifies five leadership characteristics for the Next Big Women in tech.

They include: A collaborative culture that fosters collaborative effort; a shared vision for the future and shared purpose; an internal leadership structure that ensures a collaborative and supportive working environment; an inclusive culture that celebrates and supports diversity; and a collaborative team culture that encourages team building and teamwork.

The list goes on.

It’s an aspirational list.

But the list is not just aspirational.

The leaders in the Next Gen report are people who have been successful in the business world, Bowers says.

They know the value of being inclusive.

They want to see their work as having a positive impact on society, and they want to help make a difference.

It has become increasingly clear to many women that this is an exciting and challenging time in their lives, she says.

These leaders are people that can bring value to their communities and companies, she adds.

Women entrepreneurs are in a unique position in the technology space, says Bowers.

They have a direct line to the people that are going to be the most successful in this industry, she notes.

And they are in charge of making sure they’re providing that value to those people, and the world.

NextGen has partnered with a handful of high-profile companies to create a Next Gen network.

One of the first things they’ve done is create a program that is part of Next Gen, where they can connect with mentors, and also connect with students and other young people who are starting companies.

The program, which is called Techstars, has a goal of getting 1,000 high-tech startups to invest in women.

This program will help create a culture where women are valued and they’re valued by their peers.

They’ll also be able to network with other young women in the industry.

And then they can be more involved in the leadership of those companies.

Next Generation of Women in Tech is part fundraising effort, part networking effort.

They’re also part creating an environment where the Next Generation women in our region can start companies, Bows says.

The goal is to have Next Generation in our community and then create the next generation.

Bowers notes that Next Gen is the most ambitious program ever undertaken by Next Big Ventures.

This initiative has been a tremendous success.

So many people have connected with it, she said.

The women have been incredibly excited about their future, she added.

They’ve found it empowering to be part of a group of people who they’ve helped build a business and then be in a place where they have this power.

And it’s really exciting.

They also have found that there is a lot of interest in this, which they’ve found is exciting.

The initiative was launched at the beginning of September and it’s still going strong, Bower says.

Next, the NextGen Network has more than 2,000 members and the organization is focused on mentoring new women in high-demand industries, like finance, education, and health care.

The members also work with startups to grow their communities, help them to grow, and provide support.

Next in this series of Next Big Tech, NextGen in Education, and NextGen at Work will be published in the coming weeks.

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