The hottest escort escort in the world? | The Hindu

An escort who says she’s been in hot water for years is going public with her story, which involves sex, drugs and rock climbing.

Her name is Alina and she’s the newest star in the industry.

She’s the second in a new breed of escort called the “escorts who don’t wear masks”.

Alina says she was working as a high-end escort for about four years in Las Vegas before her life took a dramatic turn in the last two.

Alina had a good time with her clients and enjoyed the perks of being a professional escort.

However, she was told she couldn’t use a room in Las Venados hotel because it is an illegal place to work.

“I was living in a high end hotel with all the perks, but I had to take a drug test to prove I was clean.

So I took the drug test, but they found I had a history of using and dealing drugs,” she told The Hindu.

Alison, a blonde with a piercing in her left ear, says she had no problem taking the drug tests and was never suspended.

She was working with clients who paid more than $1,000 a night.

But when she was sent to Las Vegas to work as a private escort, she says she started taking drugs.

“The first time I got tested was at the airport.

I took it for two weeks.

Then, a few weeks later, I got a phone call from my agent saying, ‘You’ve been suspended from your job for 10 days.’

I was like, ‘What?!?'” she said.

Alino was a regular client of her escort company, but when she told her she was going to take the drug testing, she started getting very angry.

“My boss told me, ‘We don’t care what you do, we only care that you stay clean, and you will be paid more money,’ ” Alina said.

“So I said, ‘Well, why would I be paying you to be clean when you are making $10,000 an hour?”

“I think that was a really scary moment for me because I knew what I was doing was illegal,” she said, adding that she would only take drugs once a month.

She eventually stopped taking drugs and the drug testers became suspicious.

She said that, after getting suspended, she became increasingly angry.

“I was angry and started to cry,” she recalled.

“Then I was talking to my friends about my problems and I started to get very depressed.

I was just so depressed and scared that I thought I would die, that I was going insane.”

Alina said she had to stop working with her escort business and get help from the police.

“The police told me that I could have the drug tested again but I didn’t want to do it,” she admitted.

She was diagnosed with depression and had been taking drugs for the past two years.

But she was able to take her medication and she has since recovered.

Aliella said she is grateful to have a clean record and says she has nothing to complain about.

“That’s a blessing because I’m not getting the bad reviews, I’m getting positive reviews.

People love me.

I have a great life,” she laughed.

“But I don’t want anyone to think that I’m a prostitute.

I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, which is working a job that is illegal and I’m taking a drug.”

Alino, who is now 22, has a daughter and two granddaughters.

She says she can’t wait to get back to work and hopes to one day have a career as a professional escorting.


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