How to make a $50,000 escort, a $200,000 house, and more: Secrets of the escort industry

In a new series of books and online videos, escorts are being taught about the world of professional escort service, from the basics to the more advanced.

“The goal is to make you feel comfortable enough to ask for a ride,” says Jill Esteve, founder and owner of Greenville Escorts.

The company specializes in making escort services a fun, comfortable and affordable way to spend time with someone.

Esteves has been training people for years, and her company specializes mainly in helping people with a range of sexual preferences, including people who are trans, LGBTQIA, or non-binary.

Her business has grown to include dozens of other companies around the country, including a few that specialize in escort services for women and girls, and she says they’re seeing an influx of new clients.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest in women who are looking for an escort service,” Esteved says.

“And I think that has really increased in the last two years because we’ve really seen a surge of women in our industry who are searching for escorts.”

Estevey says she has seen a steady stream of women who want to take on escorts for a few different reasons, but says the most common reason is that they’re tired of the industry and want to change their lives.

“I think there are a lot more people who want a change than are going to be able to get an escort, and a lot fewer people who actually want to be an escort,” Esteinves says.

Eteves says there are other reasons that women want to pursue escorts.

Some of the escorts who use Greenville escort services say they’re also looking for the type of experience that they would like to have when they have a relationship.

“They might be looking for a relationship, they might want to get married, or they might be a young, sweet, independent woman who wants to be with a good man and have fun,” she says.

One escorts said that she is looking to change her life, and that she was looking for someone who was “kind of a professional and would be a good role model for her.”

“I would be very open to that and to sharing what I’ve learned,” she said.

“If that’s someone who has a certain kind of personality, then I’d really enjoy that.”


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