How to get around Palm Springs with a friend or two

The Escorts at Palm Springs Resort, which opened in February, has had a few issues with the escort industry since its inception.

Its owners, Tiffany and Donald Trump, have repeatedly said that the resort is a safe place to go for both men and women, but they have not been completely truthful about the number of women and girls who have had to leave the property because of its sex-based escorting policies.

A recent ABC News report revealed that one escort was fired from her job at the resort after a male customer complained to management that she was “trying to ruin” him.

The article also showed that one of the owners, Marissa Aiken, told The Huffington Post that there were “hundreds” of escort women who had left the resort.

According to Aiken on Facebook, she had left her job as an escort on Dec. 6, but did not specify how many people she had reported.

Aiken later tweeted that she had not been fired, but that the escort business has been “shocked and dismayed” by the story.

A new report by the Associated Press showed that at least eight women and two men have quit escorting because of harassment, abuse and neglect, according to the report.

According the report, the number includes the former escort and a woman who had to quit because of the company’s policies.

The new report comes after the news outlet published a report on Dec, 15, which showed that the Escorts was in the process of terminating its staff, which included at least two staff members who had been working there for more than a year.

The Associated Press reported that the company was trying to cut the number and hours of escorts from four to three, and that the new policy would only allow escorts to work at the location for 10 hours per day.

The company was able to find two new escorts because of “a shortage of staff” and the “possibility of losing some escorts,” according to a statement from the company.

The AP reported that it was not clear how long the two women would have been employed at the company before they were terminated, but said the company “is considering all options to retain their employees.”


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