How the Escorts of Rockford Escorts have become the stars of their city

Rockford, Ohio, is known as a city of beauty and romance, but for many people, its escorts come off as more than just escorts.

Escorts are the face of the city, a group of women who provide sexual pleasure to its most vulnerable.

The men who take care of these women are known as escorts or escorts-in-training.

They’re a lucrative, prestigious profession, and in the past decade, they’ve gained a reputation for being rough, rough-and-tumble, and rough-living. 

Their stories are often told in the mainstream media.

But as the industry has exploded, so too have the stories of women like Stephanie McGehee, a 34-year-old escort in Rockford. 

“I’m a former escort,” McGehene said.

“I’m an older woman with an escort’s mindset.

I have no interest in making a career of it.

I’m not making a profit, but I am making money.”

McGehee has had to work her way through the industry to find her calling.

“It was never about money,” she said.

She says she’s become a better person and a better performer.

“It’s about the confidence that comes with the position of escort,” she added.

“That is something that is hard to find.

You have to be able to stand out.”

 Stephanie McGehees first began working as a prostitute, but soon found herself taking on a more professional role.

“We wanted to be recognized,” McGlee said.

“That is what we wanted, and it just grew and grew.

We became more professional, we became more confident, and we made a name for ourselves.

Now, we are able to bring our families and our clients and our community to our events and events.”

McGlee and McGeabee started working as escapers when they were just 14 and 15 years old.

They say the work has helped them connect with people, and that they can connect with clients in the same way they would when working for a bar or a club. 

McGlees first worked as a streetwalker.

She was lucky to be paid by her agency, but she never got her start.

“When I started, I was just doing it because I wanted to make money,” McKeee said, “and that’s where the work came from.”

“It wasn’t a big thing to me, it was just a way to get by.” 

McGehea said she is grateful for the opportunities the industry gave her.

While McGlie and McGlhee have their own careers, they want to give back to the community.

They have established an escorts organization called The Escorts Alliance, which aims to empower women and girls who have been victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and other abuse.

“As escorts we want to bring the attention to the issues that have happened to our sisters and our daughters, so they can move forward with their lives,” McGee said . 

“We also want to help with the education that is available to girls,” Mc Gehees added.

The girls’ stories are shared by their mother, who said that she also was a victim of domestic abuse.

Mc Gehee says her mom told her she was the “victim” of abuse when she was 14.

“I was always very honest with her,” Mc Glie said.

McGlie is still learning to navigate the escorts industry, but says she is confident she has learned the ropes.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

I feel like I’ve been working my way up to the top.”


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