How escorts can save a relationship from ruin

By Amy Mcclelland-Garcia, ABC News | Houston, Texas – A couple in their 20s who used escort services to get a quick fix in the city, but then were turned away because they were gay, is hoping to save her marriage.

The couple, who have not been identified, had been together for three years, and planned to have a baby, but that plan was abruptly halted after they got married.

Now, they say they are in an impasse, and have taken the fight to the courts.

They want to make sure they are protected by a court order that bars them from seeing each other, and if the marriage is invalid, they want the couple to pay the $7,000 in legal fees they have racked up trying to save their marriage.

“We are not going to give up,” said Shannon Brown, one of the couple’s attorneys.

“It’s not going away.”

A Houston woman is trying to protect her marriage with an escort service and has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband and a nearby escort service.

Brown and her husband had been married for three and a half years, according to Brown’s husband, who declined to be named.

He was a receptionist at a nearby spa, and Brown said she and her fiancé decided to get into escorts for some money to try and save their relationship.

She said they were in the process of applying for a driver’s license and insurance when they got into an argument with their ex-boyfriend, who had been staying at the same house with the couple for the last three years.

Brown said the argument escalated and the two men started yelling at each other.

She thought they had gotten into an altercation and were arguing over something, but she said her ex told her to calm down, and then he started to throw objects at her.

She says she hit him, too, but it was not until she grabbed a piece of cloth and threw it at him that he backed away and went inside the house.

When she came out, she says her ex was still standing outside the house, holding the pieces of cloth, and she saw him on the ground, with blood on his face and a hole in his forehead.

She grabbed a bag of tissues and started to clean his wound.

“I looked up and there was his face, blood everywhere, and his eyes were open, and he was in shock,” Brown said.

She rushed to the house to tell her husband and the escort services, and that’s when she says he started screaming, saying, “I love you, you have ruined my life.”

He was taken to the hospital for a CT scan and he died the next day.

The couple’s attorney, Mark Czerniak, said they plan to take the case to court and that their lawyers will file a motion asking the judge to declare that the marriage between Brown and the man was invalid because it did not happen on the day Brown and his fiancé were married.

Brown’s attorney told ABC News she is seeking to overturn the marriage, and said Brown would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

Czernik said the couple would try to have their marriage recognized in other states, such as Texas, so that they could have a divorce and start a new life.

The Texas Supreme Court declined to take up the case in May, saying it does not have jurisdiction to hear a case on a constitutional challenge to the state’s marriage laws.

Brown told ABC affiliate KPRC-TV that she hopes her attorneys can convince a judge to recognize her marriage, which was legally dissolved when she was divorced.

She is trying on the name of her ex, but says she is not looking to have him listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, but rather as a plaintiff, to try to prevent the couple from having to pay child support.


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