Escorts: Long Island’s Baton Rouge Escorts, Flint’s Batons, Are Just the Beginning


— Escorts from two of the nation’s biggest cities are on a mission to save the lives of those suffering from overdoses and help families that can’t afford treatment.

The Escorts are working with the nonprofit Baton Rouge to find a new treatment center and are hoping to be part of the team in the next few weeks.

“I think the best way for us to help people who are struggling with addiction is to help them to get better,” said Barbara Jarrell, president of Baton Rouge.

Jarrell is with a group of about 50 women who have all volunteered to work with the organization.

They’ve been on the frontline in the war against opioid overdoses and want to be a part of that fight.

“We’ve been fighting this fight since the beginning and it is very frustrating to see how the world is falling apart,” Jarrell said.

“But it’s the best opportunity we have.

This is a chance to put a name on it and we’re going to do it.”

Jarrell said they’re also working to find new ways to get people in recovery.

She said the organization has been working to create an escorts program for men and women who are homeless, drug addicted, or on the brink of addiction.

There are now two centers in the state, one in Louisville and one in Nashville, and the group is working to make sure they’re working in tandem with other facilities.

One of the biggest challenges they face is how to get the women to work safely and in a way that’s safe.

“This is not a problem for them to be doing the same thing over and over,” Journell said.

“But if it is, they are not equipped to deal with that,” she added.

Journell, who has worked for the organization for about three years, said they have to teach the women about how to be safe, but also how to make their jobs safer.

Their job is to be an escort for people who have been arrested or are victims of crimes.

Jarrell hopes this will be the start of something that helps people who need to be protected.


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