Escorts live: Nunez and others open their hearts to the community

Posted March 12, 2018 07:10:10 Escorts have never looked more popular than in the wake of the devastating floods in Northern Virginia, and the North American escort industry is on the verge of a new chapter.

The American Society of Black Escorts (ASBES) hosted a live session with some of the industry’s biggest names in a bid to bring the industry together to help those affected by the storm.

The ASBES is a nonprofit group that promotes and provides escort services to communities across the country.

The session, entitled “Escorts live,” featured a mix of live interviews, videos and discussions with top industry figures, including Nunex, the founder of ASBERS.

The conversation touched on everything from helping to find homes for people displaced from flooded homes, to how the industry has developed to cope with such tragedies.

Nunezy, who is now based in Houston, Texas, told the audience that her experience was different because of the positive reception she received from people in the community.

“They really didn’t have a negative reaction,” she said.

“I was really blown away, and I felt like that I really needed to share my story.”

The session featured Nuney and two of her co-founders in addition to several other leaders from the industry.

The sessions, held at ASBELS headquarters, featured a diverse group of people including: Nude model Jessica Alba , the model for the new season of the ABC television show “Scandal”; actress and director Jena Malone , who directed the documentary “The Princess Diaries”; and actor Chris Parnell, best known for his role as Detective Joe on “Breaking Bad.”

All three have had significant impact on the industry, Nuneya said, and she’s hoping to continue that momentum in the future.

“The industry is all about empowering the women, and empowering them to be empowered,” she added.

“We are all going to be a part of this, and it’s not just a men’s issue.”

Nunezx said the industry is in need of new leadership, as people with different backgrounds can help forge an inclusive culture and continue to support each other.

“As a female escort, I know what it’s like to be told that you can’t be good enough, and that you’re just a bitch,” she explained.

“It really hits a nerve.

I’m the first one in line to be called a bitch.'” “

Every single time I’ve had an issue, I’m like, ‘That’s just the way it is.

I’m the first one in line to be called a bitch.'”

Nuneez said she believes her experience will help the industry grow, and has no plans to retire.

“When I was young, I was like, you know what?

I’m not going to change,” she told The Sport Baptist Press.

“But when I have my whole life ahead of me, I can see what I’m doing and what I can do differently, because I can have a better life.”

For more information on the sessions, including the names of the event participants, visit the ASBBS website.


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