Boston Escorts & Bars Escorts: The Best Escorts In Los Angeles

Boston Escort & Bars is a new, independent Escorts and Bar company.

The owners of the company say that they are looking for escorts who are all about fun and the best escorts around.

They also want to provide a safe, friendly, and safe environment for our customers.

“I think the reason we opened our doors was to offer the best Escorts in LA and bring a little bit of the old Hollywood lifestyle back to L.A. and offer something that was fun, fun, and welcoming,” said Kristy Kolloski, founder of the business.

The owner of the new company, Sarah Cappello, has also been involved in the escorting scene for a long time.

She has worked in the industry for over a decade.

“It’s very much my dream to have a professional escort business,” said Sarah Cappsello.

She says that she is looking for young ladies who love to be with someone and who will always be available and will always have a safe place to stay.

“When I was younger, I used to stay at hotels and they didn’t offer a safe environment to my guests, they were kind of rough,” said Cappsellos.

Sarah Caperson says that the idea for her business came from her time as an escort.

She said that she met with her friend, Lisa Gorman, and said, “I want to open my own escort business so that I can provide a good service.”

The owners hope that they can provide an experience that is a little more relaxed and safe than what is currently available in the escort industry.

“We want to be a place that offers people the best experiences and that’s what we are,” said Kollozki.

The company is planning to open in May in the former Hotel Hollywood location of the Olde Regency Hotel, which is now a restaurant.

“The owners and I are very excited about opening this space in the heart of downtown L.L.A.,” said Cappellos co-founder.

“Our mission is to provide the most affordable and safe experiences for our guests and to be supportive of those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and go outside of the norm.”

You can see photos of Sarah Caperos escorts here:


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